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I’ve lost a few really close friends, a few good friends, so many acquaintances, and a few pets, enough that the total so far this year (which I am unwilling to count) must be close to about 20 so far this year. I’ve broken up with my partner of 6 years. Just helped him move away. And he is my best friend. Almost had to move out of my home I’ve invested so much into, but instead am parting ways with my current list of roommates (a group of my best friends) which still feels like a giant loss. All the while had to pick up the slack at my regular job by just working roughly a month straight, while trying to stay positive and up my own desires to create tangible goods as a way to beautify this fucked up world we live in, even in the most minute way. And then yesterday, my dad died. I just woke up very much still drunk from trying to distract myself and enjoy my first night off in a month last night, but I am heading to the airport to go console my mother. 2014 has been the biggest challenge, and its not something I talk about to, but today, I guess I really just need to let some of it out to *mostly* a bunch of people I don’t really know, because telling the ones I do seems way too much. I can’t deal with everyone elses feelings today. But thank you you stupid ass internet thing for being a source for me to talk to everyone and no one at the same time. Sorry, and thank you.


If you are in California I will be there for at least the next week, my only objective is to be with my mother, but I would imagine maybe she still will have some time she has to do things to live her life, I don’t want to tell all my friends I am coming home, I don’t need more pressure of keeping up with a bunch of people, but if any of y’all want to go hiking or something in the Santa Cruz area, I might be able and really appreciative of it.


The year of seeing how much one person can take.

Asunder - Twilight Amaranthine

leshonky said: I see you have the three tears copper necklace in your etsy again, I've been wanting to buy it for a while but because I have these small moles I don't do very well with chains. I also don't wear leather, so my question would be if you'll be doing that piece in the future but with some other material maybe?

Absolutely! I love accommodating special requests so your jewelry can feel more personal. Do you have an idea of what works best for you?? Like a black silk cording maybe? 


I’m going to answer this publicly just so anyone else who might have been waiting on something to reappear, or would want something if things could be adjusted to their needs, knows I would love to make that happen for you!!

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