So, I have been trying to not geek out/share/etc, especially before its in my physical possession. But this sucker should be mine before the month is through. After so many ‘almost there’ moments taken away by things out of my control… I should finally have my training wheels. Then I’m going to grab my dads old bike in CA after the new year, and get to restoring it. The best metaphor for putting all the bull shit obstacles behind me and riding off into the sunset. FTW.

vampyrumspectrum said: Greetings from a rainy & windswept UK! What's the best natural treasure you've ever found (not inc. that roadside hawk from a while back!)? Hope you're doing ok. Best wishes, Andy

Hey Andy! I’ve found a lot of pretty special treasures. Any animal that comes when I need it, is an animal of importance to my life (like, hawks, owls, vultures, elk, snake, alligator, etc), or an oddity of some sort (like, I once found a seagull who had a hook imbedded in its talon - not the cause of death, and while really sad, amazing to see).

But, if I will choose ONE, best natural treasure, I would choose this specific horse I found. (I have found parts -all with skulls- of THREE horse skeletons as roadkill - which is insane!) But this, complete horse skeleton that was HUGE and in New Mexico, shaded pink from the land around it, on a road trip with my two best friends, has got to take credit as the best memory of all. 


Hope you are well!  - Kaiti

Holt Cemetery. Mid-City, New Orleans. 

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